The residence of the Prince of Castelcicala, built in the 18th century and recently been brought back to its original splendour thanks to a meticulous bio architectural restoration, is home to the elegant B&B Relais Castelcicala, who’s living quarters, patios and gardens offer an oasis of comfort and tranquillity, within a short distance of Campania’s major touristic sites.

Located at the feet of “Sweet Mount Cicala”, as philosopher Giordano Bruno called it, the villa was built in 1730 by Paolo Ruffo, the first Prince of Castelcicala and son of Fabrizio, the Duke of Bagnara, who had bought the royal fiefdom with the entire hill of Castelcicala and it’s imposing medieval castle.
The villa was last enlarged by Carolina Corio Ruffo, Princess of Castelcicala and Duchess of Calvello, who in 1893 married Giuseppe Amedeo of the Counts Sallier de La Tour and Marquis of Cordon. Following the union of these two aristocratic houses, a coat of arms was inscribed in 1908, which is still borne by the direct descendants of the family and has also become the emblem of Villa Castelcicala.
The love for this romantic lieu, passed on from generation to generation, and in particular the dedication of Paolo Sallier de La Tour Corio di Castelcicala, second son of Lady Carolina, have ensured the rebirth of this stately house, no longer just a family home but now also a lovely B&B, an ideal rendezvous for all those who wish to rediscover the beauty of a generous land and the charm of centuries-old tradition.
Gherardo Sallier de la tour di Castelcicala who lives in the villa today, will receive you with the warmth and hospitality of his family and will pass on the passion that always prospered in this special place.