logo-stemma-castelcicalaThe family Sallier de La Tour Prince of Castelcicala has its origins in the union between two historic houses with the marriage of Giuseppe Amedeo dei Conti Sallier de La Tour, Marquises of Cordon with Carolina Corio Princess of Castelcicala and Duchess of Calvello in 1893.
The Coat of Arms, which by right is passed down to their direct descendants, represents still today the emblem of the House of Castelcicala – Ruffo – Sallier de La Tour.

Family history

Carolina Corio Ruffo
Fabrizio Ruffo
Giuseppe Amedeo Sallier de La Tour
Paolo Ruffo

Fabrizio Ruffo second son of the third Duke of Bagnara (Nola, 19/03/1648 – Naples, 10/09/1720), acquired by the Royal Court on 18.11.1719 the land of Castelcicala , and is awarded of the title of 1st Baron of Castelcicala. Married to Guiomara Ruffo 22/01/1690 daughter of Vincenzo and Donna Lucrezia di Ventimiglia, from which they had Paul (21-07-1696 – 18-06-1768), 2nd Baron Castelcicala 1720 – 1729, then 1st Prince of Castelcicala (diploma of Emperor Charles VI of 29.01.1729) – married in 1729 in Pentidattilo to Imara Ruffo + 21-01-1754, daughter of Francis and Theodora Aliberti of the Marquis of Pentidattilo; than married again in 12/21/1756 to Dorothy Ligny daughter of the Duke of Ligny Dominic Marzano and Maria Carafa, Duchess of Calvello by inheritance of his uncle Ferdinando Carafa Stigliano from which Fabrizio was born on 05/04/1763 + Paris 16/04/1832, 2nd Prince of Castelcicala from 1768 1st Duke of Calvello, Minister Plenipotentiary at Lisbon, London and Paris, Councilor and Minister of State, signed the Treaty of Vienna in 1780, married to Justine Pinto Y Mendoza daughter of Prince of Ischitella Pasquale Pinto and Maria Vittoria Rospigliosi from which Paul was born in Richmond in England 02/07/1791 + Paris 11/12/1865, 3rd Prince of Castelcicala since 1832, 2nd Duke of Calvello, General, Minister Plenipotentiary at Vienna, St. Petersburg and London, Lieutenant General of the King Ferdinand II and Francis II in Sicily, State Councillor, marries in Solothurn on 23/05/1835 Taddea Wilhelmina de Zeltner, daughter of Count Andrew, Minister Plenipotentiary of Switzerland from Paris, and of Adelaide Drouyn de Lhuys, Lady of the Court Queen,
from which Giustina Ruffo * Naples Naples 06.05.1906 12.12.1839 +, Princess of Castelcicala, Duchess of Calvello from 1865 marries in Paris on 2/23/1866 Marquis Joseph Corio Sacconago of which Carolina Corio born in Paris 10.01.1869 + 03.07.1957, Princess of Castelcicala, Duchess of Calvello, married in Naples on 07/25/1893 with Giuseppe Amedeo of Conti Sallier de La Tour and the Marquis of Cordon, Minister Plenipotentiary of the King of Italy to the Netherlands from which Filiberto Sallier de La Tour was born in Rome 12/05/1894 6th Prince Castelcicala, and 5th Duke of Calvello, married Donna Maria Anna Beccadelli di Bologna in Palermo on 20/03/1920, Princess Camporeale, daughter Paul and Florence-Binney Kingsland, from which Pietro Paolo Sallier de La Tour was born in Palerno on 01/29/1928, 7th Prince of Castelcicala, 2nd Prince of Camporeale and 6th Duke of Calvello, married to Constanza Mastrogiovanni Tasca in Palermo on 04/14/1956, daughter of Giuseppe and Franca, Comte Tasca d’Almerita, Barons of Cammarata, from which Gherardo Sallier de La Tour des Princes of Castelcicala, born in Palermo on 02/06/1963.